About Steamboat BBQ in Wheaton and New Athens, Illinois

Championship Quality BBQ Served Daily!

Steamboat BBQ specializes in smoked meats! We cook daily using fresh-cut hickory wood and spice blends to produce the finest, authentic, southern style BBQ possible. We accompany our products with a wide selection of sauces ranging from very sweet to hot-n-spicy and we include regional vinegar and mustard based sauces for our guests to choose from. The fact that we cook fresh daily and that some of our products take 12 to 14 hours of cook time can result in selling out of certain products for the day. As the old saying goes “When it's gone, it's gone” certainly applies with our smoked meats. At Steamboat BBQ we are passionate about BBQ and dedicated to the processes and the methods we use to make it. We believe that BBQ is an experience best shared with friends and family and we believe that experience should be just as much about the way the food makes you feel before, during and after you try it.
-“When you hear the whistle blowing, it's the steamboat!”
We cordially invite you to stop in and experience what we are cooking up for you.